'Dragon Age Inquisition' DLC news: 'The Descent' falls short of expectations

Twitter courtesy of "Dragon Age"

With the new downloadable content (DLC), "The Descent," now available for "Dragon Age Inquisition," reviews are also coming about whether or not it's made up of new content worth exploring.

According to Kotaku, the story of "The Descent" basically revolves around the player's character being called upon to investigate a mysterious series of earthquakes plaguing the city of the dwarves.

Aside from a new storyline, "The Descent" also added several new elements to the game, with the most notable addition arguably being the new area known as the Deep Roads.

The Deep Roads themselves are important parts of "Dragon Age Inquisition," making the decision of using them as an integral element for DLC being a logical one.

According to IGN, despite the fact that the new area itself is important to the game's storyline, it still lacks the requisite amount of content that would enable it to stand on its own. The Deep Roads are said to suffer greatly from poor design, making them closer to confining than exciting. Another issue that arises from the Deep Roads is the fact that the inner roads and pathways themselves are also narrow to that point that simply navigating through them is a challenge that borders more on annoying as opposed to rewarding.

Even with the narrow passageways, there are still plenty of smaller chambers and rooms within the Deep Roads that players can explore. Most of the smaller rooms will provide players with at least one monster they will need to take down, and even a puzzle they will need to solve.

Speaking of monsters, "The Descent" provides players with an ample challenge in the form of numerous enemies they will have to wade through to complete the Deep Roads, presenting a good challenge to even long time "Dragon Age Inquisition" players.

"The Descent" ultimately falls short of providing truly compelling new content, and the end result is a DLC worth experiencing, if not all that truly enjoyable.