'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' gameplay trailer for Nintendo Switch: Console boasts smooth battle system

Instagram/BandaiNamcoUSA promotional photo of Bandai Namco's "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2."

A "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" teaser video for the Nintendo Switch was recently released, showcasing the characters and their battle moves. The trailer may be in Japanese but fans will be able to appreciate the gameplay as well as a preview of what they can expect when using the hybrid console.

The game is already available for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One but will finally drop for the Nintendo Switch in late September.

Based on the teaser, the game appears to run smoothly on the Switch, which players can take anywhere. If they choose to play on their television, the Switch can be docked and they can switch to their pro-controller.

Players will also understand how the battle system will work when using the Nintendo Switch JoyCons. These are the wireless controllers that can be detached from the Switch. With these, players will be able to throw fireballs, dodge incoming attacks, use hit combinations and more.

Fans will experience the same highlights of the "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" sequel just as in other consoles. Firstly, in the "Dragon Ball" universe, players can relive the "Dragon Ball" story by safeguarding historic monuments and traveling through time. Next, there will be a new city hub that is more than seven times the size of the original game and can fit 300 players simultaneously online.

There will also be next-generation visuals that will bring the "Dragon Ball" anime experience to life. The sequel will have the new characters and boss fights. Lastly, there will be a more in-depth character creation system as well as enhanced battle adjustments.

As a bonus, all of the playable characters from the main story of the game can be unlocked with a code that will be given to Switch players.

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" for the Nintendo Switch will be available on Sept. 22. It was launched for PS4 and Xbox One in October 2016.