'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers: Video game trailer teases unlikely alliance and ending of 'Universal Survival'

Instagram/dragonball.official"Dragon Ball Super" releases teaser trailer

The opening trailer of video game "Super Dragon Ball Heroes 5" shows former arch enemies Son Goku and Golden Frieza teaming up to defeat the same opponent in the Tournament of Power. Although the video game iteration has never been used as a basis of the anime series' storyline, the said clip may have given fans a hint at how the "Universal Survival" arc is going to end in "Dragon Ball Super."

Posted last July 6 on the "Dragon Ball" franchise's official DB-Z.com website, the trailer begins with a scenic view of the entire Tournament of Power arena that appears to be visibly empty. There are no explicit explanations as to why other fighters are missing. The only people on the setting are Son Goku and Golden Frieza who are standing across the strongest member of the Team Universe 11 team, Jiren the Gray.

The three are in a middle of a staredown when Golden Frieza suddenly charges at Siren. The humanoid clad in the black and red Pride Troopers uniform then counters the attack by blasting a fire ball with his hand.

However, as soon as the smoke caused by the blast is gone, Son Goku appears instead of his speculated ally, and plants a fist right onto the plan of Jiren's raised hand. The attack leaves the two's opponent looking utterly confused.

Son Goku and Golden Frieza's alliance may be the highlight of the trailer, but according to ComicBook, what surprised fans the most is the empty arena suggesting that the three may have been fighting at the final stage of the Tournament of Power. The media company, however, pointed out that the opening part of the clip may have simply left out the other fighters due to practical reasons.

"Dragon Ball Super" airs every Saturday, 7:15 p.m. CST on Crunchyroll, while the version with English dub airs on Adult Swim Saturdays, 11:30 p.m. CST on Toonami.