'Dragon Ball FighterZ' release date news: Trailer featuring Gohan unleashed

Facebook/DBZ_videogames"Dragon Ball FighterZ" promo pic.

Get ready for some Son Gohan action. Publisher Bandai Namco has dropped the character's introduction trailer for the upcoming video game "Dragon Ball FighterZ."

The new trailer features Gohan in his form from the Cell Games Saga story arc and he also shows off some wicked moves.

Gohan's inclusion in the video game will bring major damage to opponents. He can unleash a barrage of quick hits that can hurt and hurtle opponents around the room with amazing speed.

That's not all, Gohan will also be unspeakably strong. As seen in the trailer, he throws a massive fireball across the screen, pretty much covering the entire surface that will surely lay waste to his opponents.

It would be interesting to see the brawl between Gohan and Goku, just to see what kind of awesome attacks they can come up with to prove their dominance.

Bandai Namco also released a trailer featuring Majin Buu. The villain will be in his round and cute self. But don't be fooled by his unassuming form as the alien can move quickly and will destroy his enemies in a single stroke. The trailer also shows Buu using his other power: turning opponents into food and then feasting on them.

After the announcement for the release of the game has been made, video game enthusiasts welcomed and predicted that "Dragon Ball FighterZ" could be the next big competitive fighting game.

The game has already received a lot of praise for its aesthetic, design and animation. All of the game's looks have remained faithful to the manga and animated TV series including the fight mechanics.

A playable demo version was unveiled at Evolution Championship Series 2017 in July, and many of the attendees praised the game as it was both versatile and enjoyable.

"Dragon Ball FighterZ" is slated to drop in February 2018 for different video game consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and a PC version for Windows 10.