'Downton Abbey' reveals big announcement

"Downton Abbey: The Exhibition""Downton Abbey" exhibition to feature real-life costumes and some replica sets.

When the global hit British period drama posted an intriguing teaser on its social media earlier this week, the world thought it was finally announcing the release date of its much-awaited movie. However, its big news is a bit off track, although still amazing, especially for U.S. fans.

"Downton Abbey: The Exhibition" is coming to the U.S. on a multi-city tour, which will debut in New York on Nov. 18.

As seen in the promotional video posted on its official Twitter page, U.S. fans will be able to visit a visibly perfect replica of the house used in the drama and relive the lives of Dowager Countess Violet Crawley and her iconic family.

Featuring actual set costumes and some replica pieces, the exhibition aims to give an insight into post-Edwardian England society, culture, and fashion.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series executive producer and Carnival Films managing director Gareth Neame said, "This is a unique opportunity to step into Downton Abbey — to wander through the sumptuous rooms the family inhabit, the kitchen and servants' quarters below stairs, and to get right up close to many of the iconic costumes and props."

It is also a great distraction for fans dying to see the "Downton Abbey" movie, which was confirmed earlier this year. Although for that, fans would have to wait a little longer.

Screen writer Julian Fellowes said in a recent interview with Evening Standard that although the script has already been written, they are having a hard time with logistics, particularly with filming schedules, considering the cast's continuing success following the drama's finale in December 2015.

Hugh Bonneville who played Lord Grantham, for instance, has just finished a series and is currently working on the Israeli-Palestinian movie "The Rock Pile." "Hugh goes from job to job and is in big demand, which I'm delighted about but it just makes it difficult," Fellowes added. He remains positive, however, that the movie's production could start in 2018.

"Downton Abbey: The Exhibition" will be open in New York for only a limited time before moving on to other cities in the U.S. Tickets are now available for purchase here.