Donald Trump Waves Gay Pride Flag: How Should His Christian Supporters React?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a rainbow flag with 'LGBTs for TRUMP' written on it at a campaign rally in Greeley, Colorado, U.S. on Oct. 30, 2016.Reuters

Because evangelical voters don't like U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her policies, many of them have decided to back up her Republican opponent Donald Trump. However, Trump has disappointed them time and again as well.

First, they learned that he had a disrespectful view towards women when he made demeaning comments about them in a leaked video. And then, he was seen waving the gay pride flag at a rally in Colorado on Oct. 30. The flag carried the message: "LGBTs for Trump."

Christian radio host Dr. Michael Brown, who has pledged to vote for Trump earlier, decided to discuss whether it would still be right for Christians to vote for Trump despite this incident.

"As Christian conservatives, what are we to make of this? Is it yet another proof that we must compromise our morals to vote for him? And will he betray us once elected?" he wrote for The Christian Post.

Brown said that interestingly, major gay websites were not impressed with Trump's gesture, since he has publicly declared his view supporting traditional marriage. He has been called a "huge bigot," while his running mate Mike Pence has been tagged as "proudly homophobic." 

Brown said evangelical voters must be reminded why they are voting for Trump in the first place.

"What Trump was excited about was that LGBT Americans were supporting him, just as he would have been excited about Hispanic Americans or Black Americans or Jewish Americans supporting him, especially since all of these groups largely vote Democrat. So, it was not so much the gay flag he was celebrating as much as the support from LGBT Americans at his rally," he said.

As far as he can tell, Brown believes Trump only wants to be a friend to both conservative Christians and gay Americans and preserve their safety. He has not yet come to terms with the "inevitable conflicts" that will arise between religious rights and gay rights.

"If we are voting for Trump, we do so with our eyes wide open, not making him into a larger than life deliverer who will save the day and turn the tide. To do so is to give place to myth rather than reality and to set ourselves up for disappointment," said Brown.

What he suggests to Trump supporters is that they "not sell your soul to him as you vote," but simply commit to pray for him as they recognise his many flaws. Should Trump be successful in his bid for the presidency, Brown hopes Christians would continue to pray for him so that he will be surrounded by biblical men such as Joseph and Daniel.