Don Moen to release Christmas album

Don Moen is looking forward to the release of his Christmas album – Christmas: A Season of Hope.

To celebrate, he’s holding a special 1-hour live chat with fans on Tuesday.

In addition to sharing stories behind the songs and answering questions from fans, Don will be playing some songs from the upcoming Christmas release.

Tuesday is also the day fans will be able to pre-order the album.

He said: “I’ll let you be the first to hear songs from the Christmas album before released in stores, share the stories behind two of the songs I co-wrote for this album, and take your questions as well.”

If you want to take part in the chat, you’ll need to register here

Check the time of the chat for your time zone:
Manila, Philippines - 9:00PM (PHT)
Jakarta, Indonesia - 8:00PM (WIB)
Lagos, Nigeria - 2:00PM (WAT)
Singapore, Singapore - 9:00PM (SGT)
Accra, Ghana - 1:00PM (GMT)
Chennai, India - 6:30PM (IST)
Dubai, UAE - 5:00PM (GST)
London, UK - 2:00PM (BST)
Nashville, TN - 08:00AM (CDT)
New York City, NY - 09:00AM (EDT)

Next year, Don will be making a concert stop in the UK so if you’re a fan put 9 March 2013 in your diary, when he’ll be performing at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen, Scotland, at 6:30pm.