Dog, lost at sea, swims 1.5 miles to church to reunite with owner 

(Photo: Wikimedia)

A dog who was on a sunken houseboat swam over a mile to get back to his owner last week. 

Steve Alioto lost everything when his home sank during a Sausilito, California storm, but burst into tears of joy when he discovered his dog was found. 

Alioto had his houseboat anchored in the ocean because he could not afford a dock. After severe weather last week, the boat went under. 

"All I saw was the mast sticking out of the water," Alioto told KPIX5.

He thought his pet, whom he renamed Daisy from Babe, had gone down with the vessel. Instead, the dog escaped and swam 1.5 miles to shore.

Daisy made her way to Sausalito Presbyterian Church, where she and her owner had gone to get free meals on occasion. That Friday, Alioto happened to be there, and Reverend Paul Mowry reunited the pair. 

"Paul came up to me and said, 'Is your dog's name Babe?'" Alioto recounted. "I said it was. He said, 'On the chip for her, is that still her name?' I said yeah.  He goes, 'She's alive.' And I cried so hard," Alioto said. 

Although Alioto and Daisy are currently homeless, they are overjoyed to have each other again. 

"I'm big daddy Kibbles and Bits," he said. "I'm the guy who provides the dog food, the walks, the baths, and everything that she tells me she needs."

The pair are currently living on a friend's boat.