Do You Believe star talks about new film: It is one of the greatest Christian films you'll see

Do You Believe? film challenges the true discipleship of Christians.(Facebook/Do You Believe? Movie)

Do You Believe, the follow-up movie of the highly successful God's Not Dead film will be released on March 20, and lead actor Liam Matthews cannot wait for audiences to see it and be moved by its compelling storyline.

"It has a little something for everyone, especially in terms of grace, and if you need grace or [are] looking for grace," Matthews told the Christian Post. "It's one of the greatest Christian films that you'll see."

Do You Believe deals with the pros and cons of being a Christian in today's society. Matthews' character, Bobby is a Christian paramedic who is at risk of losing his job after comforting a dying man with God's word at the scene of the accident.

Bobby is sued by the victim's wife and he is forced to defend his actions not only to his supervisors but the whole court system. However, Bobby remains unapologetic and believes that it was his Christian duty to comfort the dying man.

Matthews admitted that playing Bobby was a huge challenge, as his character is very strong and outspoken. "His boldness as far as being an evangelical was not a stretch for me, but I'm more of a quiet, show me by your actions type guy," said the actor. "When faced with this guy on screen, it was a challenge."

For his part, Matthews believes that there is a fine line between speaking the truth and how to speak the truth. And this is what his character Bobby taught him.

"I think especially in today's day and age, not to go the culture war route, but definitely, you have to be mindful with what you say, both as a Christian and an employee," he said. "There are certain ways to go about discussing things. I do think that people will be able to relate to that, people have paid for being outspoken about their faith."