Do not disturb: Travellers say 'no thanks' to room service

(Pic: Noreg)

If you ever find yourself gazing longingly at the minibar or at the vastly overpriced steak on the hotel menu, before choosing to pop down the road for a can of coke and packet of crisps from the local corner shop that won't force you to take out a second mortgage, then you are among the majority.

More than 75% of travellers, whether for business or pleasure, say they rarely or never use hotel room services, a new survey reveals.

Of over 600 people questioned by Chicago-based The Go Group, only 3% said that they "frequently" order food from a hotel, while 40% rarely do and 37% have never used room service when travelling.

John Fox, a hotel-industry consultant, told the New York Times that many hotels actually lose money on labour-intensive room service, and together with these statistics it may serve to explain the decision of many hotels to reduce or even eliminate the service all together. Some have chosen to offer small on-site food shops and delis instead.

So if you happen any time soon to be staying in a hotel that still operates a room service, it might be your last chance to try that £3.99 bag of Maltesers. It'd be rude not to treat yourself, really.

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