Do good no matter what, Cardinal urges the faithful

(Photo: Noli Yamsuan/RCAM)

Do good in the face of difficulty and suffering. This was the message delivered by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle to the faithful during his Lenten Homily at the Manila Cathedral in the Philippines.

According to a report by CBCPNews, Tagle urged youth to remain steadfast in their faith and obedience to God even if they are being challenged by those who do not believe.

"Young people, don't allow yourselves to be affected by those who mock, who laugh at you for doing what is right. Stand firm! Stay faithful! Sooner or later, it will come to pass. Joy without measure awaits those who remain steadfast in their faith in God," he said.

The Cardinal pointed out that it is important to obey the Word of God, and underscored the value of doing what is right despite pain and suffering. He said that that Jesus also went through an indescribable amount of hardship in order to save mankind, but continued on his path because of his Passion and love for his flock.

"Many suffer because of their own foolishness. Many suffer because they stole. Many suffer because they are corrupt. Christ's suffering is nothing like that. His saves! His is the suffering of someone whom the world rejected precisely because He was one with God," the prelate said, adding that because of his sacrifice, Christ became fulfilment of God's good news.

As such, Tagle said that the faithful should do their duty in spreading the good news, much like the first Filipino saint, Lorenzo Ruiz, who refused to renounce his faith until his dying breath despite being tortured and punished for being Christian.

"Young people, parents, public servants! Even though it may bring much suffering and hardship, remain faithful to God. Be like San Lorenzo Ruíz de Manila who declared that he who would gladly die a thousand more times for God. This is what I call good news," he added.