'Dishonored 2' release date: Corvo Attano can travel through time; New powers, upgrades but possibly not mods

New gameplay details about "Dishonored 2" have emerged.Arkane Studios

Developer Arkane Studios co-director Harvey Smith has been dropping hints on what to expect in "Dishonored 2." One thing he teased is the ability of co-protagonist Corvo Attano to do time travel.

Smith revealed to a fan via Twitter that in one mission, Corvo will actually be able to go back in time. He did not specify which mission it is.

However, according to Design and Trend, there's one particular mission shown in the "Dishonored 2" demo at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2016.

There, the game's second protagonist, Emily, is the one at the helm. The said mission provides her a special timepiece that gives her the ability to visit the past and return to the present.

It is a vital instrument in getting through the said mission. It is expected that the same mission will provide Corvo the said time-travel instrument.

It is possible that there's another mission in "Dishonored 2" that also delves into that aspect. Either way, it should be a fun little touch that fans would certainly enjoy.

On the other hand, although fans are getting some time-travelling fun in "Dishonored 2," they might not be able to experience mods in the game.

When asked creation tools for "Dishonored 2," Smith said that there's "nothing announced yet," adding "Obviously, I would love it, if it turns out to be possible within constraints."

"Dishonored 2" will be very different in various aspects from its predecessor. For starters, Corvo and Emily are voiced. There are also new ways to upgrade them.

"In 'Dishonored 2,' you start being able to possess some animals, but then you can upgrade to possess flying animals like bloodflies, then people. You can possess corpses," Smith told VG247.

"There's also an upgrade called chain possession, where if you're in a rat you can jump into a bloodfly, then a fish... So, all of Corvo's powers are back, the nostalgic powers, but they all have new ways of upgrading," he went on to say.

"Dishonored 2" releases Nov. 11 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.