'Destiny: The Taken King' DLC news: Strike Missions made more dynamic, new details

"Destiny," the space-age shooter from Bungie, is nearing its first anniversary, and the developer still has many surprises in store for their Guardians. With the upcoming third expansion titled "The Taken King" — set to be released next month with many new features and massive changes to gameplay and content — Bungie says that players will find the much-improved and overhauled "Destiny" to be a whole new game altogether. 

One of the many things that Bungie will be improving via the upcoming "The Taken King" expansion is in the game's Strike Missions. Currently, strikes and night raid missions on "Destiny" is pretty straightforward, with each Strike having a specific objective in mind. However, Year Two of "Destiny" is going to change significantly for Strike Missions. 

The new expansion will make Strike Missions more dynamic, and will just limit the missions to three general objectives. There is Vanguard Ursa that will be giving out Legendary marks and engram items as rewards; Vanguard Legacy for groups' current "Destiny" missions; and finally, Vanguard Marmoset for the new, additional strikes. 

In each part of the improved Strike, the developer has introduced new paths in the middle of the missions, so Guardians will never have encounters that are alike in any way. Depending on the actions taken on a particular part of the mission, gamers may play two or three different encounters on the same Strike, without having to encounter the same enemies or checking out the same rewards each time. 

Meanwhile, aside from the updated Strike Missions, "The Taken King" will also add updated gameplay and new content for the game. Guardians will be teleported to a new location, Dreadnaught, where they can encounter the Taken King and his minions. The new expansion will also introduce a simpler, straightforward levelling for novice players. 

"The Taken King" DLC for "Destiny" will be released on Sept. 15.