'Destiny' Loot Cave 2.0: New gears, rare items waiting to be acquired

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Bungie was quick to patch the loot cave in "Destiny" that clever gamers managed to exploit to keep rare items coming. With a valuable resource shut down, Bungie made sure to compensate it by increased Legendary engram drops.

However, that was not enough for many and, to possibly nobody's surprise, these players who want to have it easy while acquiring top notch gear without much strain were quick to find another element vulnerable to further embezzlement just 24 hours after the loot cave went to smokes.

It is now called Loot Cave 2.0, a stairway enemy spawn point found in Old Russia which allows players to immediately generate (or from the looks of it, summon) bunch of enemies dropping valuable items by positioning oneself at a certain distance. Farming the location has its challenges though. It is a smooth process, but not when a nearby drop ship carrying enemies disturbs the ongoing exploit. In this video, the guys who discovered the new and most helpful loot cave, MinistryofGeeks, shows how the trick is done.

Combatting the loot cave, Bungie did not forget to make a few alterations in "Destiny." Sportskeeda emphasized one, saying, "Material rewards for dismantling 'queens wrath' gear will no longer provide ascendant materials, but missions will continue to drop Legendary items."

On the other hand, Bungie has been quiet about the discovery of the new treasure trove, but it is important to consider the developer's quick move to get rid of the previous loot cave. So in the end, gamers should ultimately squeeze and harness everything Loot Cave 2.0 gives off, because Bungie may be close to stopping it altogether. Yet gamers, being as quick as "Destiny's" creator, may cook up something else and, in the future, Bungie may be come face to face with Loot Cave 3.0.

Bungie's online first-person shooter game "Destiny" was released on Sept. 9. The game published by Activision is set in the Golden Age of a mythical science world. It can be played on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4.