'Destiny 2' release date news: Sequel to serve as reboot to build new characters from scratch?

An in-game screenshot from the video game "Destiny"Bungie

Bungie has already confirmed that a sequel to its hit first-person shooter, "Destiny," will come out next year. However, not much is known about the upcoming game. Speculations suggest that instead of continuing with veteran characters from the first title, "Destiny 2" will instead make players build up new characters from scratch.

According to Forbes, most massive online multiplayer sequels allow players to import their game data, usually including their leveled up characters, into the new game. However, rumors suggest that it will serve players better if Bungie decides to make "Destiny 2" a reboot with all players starting from scratch. It is said that aside from leveling the playing field to all gamers, having all players start from zero will essentially make the players appreciate the story and the experience more.

The industry observer believes that there is logic to the argument. The current "Destiny" title already has a number of both major and minor updates that expanded the game further. In fact, its latest DLC, "Rise of Iron," adds another layer of content and story to the game. This leads to expansive gaming in "Destiny." Meanwhile, should importing characters be unlocked in "Destiny 2," this means that high-level characters will have already made it to the game, which will nix all the new, progressive storyline and missions. This will result in having a disconnect between the mission levels and the high ratings and stats for veteran characters.

It is also possible that Bungie is thinking of having to import veteran characters from the first "Destiny" game possible in "Destiny 2," and will come out with an auto-balance feature to make missions more difficult for higher-ranking characters.

Meanwhile, Bungie has yet to come out with details about "Destiny 2" as the creative teams focus on more expansions for the original game. "Destiny" is set to receive a new DLC, "Rise of Iron," this week.