'Destiny 2' release date news: Sequel to be 'rebooted'; Rise of Iron DLC to see return of Mara Sov?


Before Bungie gets to work with "Destiny 2," the developer will put together a DLC pack for the current "Destiny" game first. Lucky for fans, this very expansion pack has just been leaked.

A promotional banner of the DLC that made the rounds online revealed that the expansion pack will be called Rise of Iron. The character in the artwork is believed to be Lord Saladin, whom "Destiny" players will recognize from the Iron Banner challenge.

Although he is at the front and center of the supposed "Destiny" DLC, it is said that Lord Saldin is simply a representation of the purported focus of the new content—Iron Lords and Iron Wolves.

According to Express UK, the new "Destiny" content also appears to stage the comeback of Mara Sov, The Queen of the Reef. The DLC is expected to reveal her fate after her mysterious departure from The Taken King.

The Rise of Iron DLC for "Destiny" is expected to show her triumphant return and reveal the truth about what happened to her. Fans are excited for her possible recurrence, not only to learn her fate, but because she was one of the most memorable characters in The Taken King.

The "Destiny" DLC is expected to come with a whole new Raid as well as a new weapon type. The artwork hints that this weapon type will have something to do with a hammer.

As for the map scale, Rise of Iron is expected to be as big as or larger than The Taken King, which is saying something, because this DLC was enormous. That being said, "Destiny" players might be treated with a humongous chunk of new before "Destiny 2" arrives.

Bungie is yet to comment on the leak. The developer is certainly busy right now in finishing up the DLC, which is expected to be released later this year.

The company has decided to put off the "Destiny 2" launch to "early 2017" partly to get the DLC done. The bigger reason for the delay is the recent management change in Bungie.

According to Kotaku, the exit of Bungie president Harold Ryan from the studio pushed the company to have "Destiny 2" "rebooted," with The Taken King director Luke Smith now spearheading the project.