'Destiny 2' tips and tricks: Choose classes wisely before diving head first into the game

Twitter/DestinyTheGameA gameplay still from Bungie's "Destiny 2."

"Destiny 2" is an online-only multiplayer title that's easy to get lost in if players are unfamiliar with the gameplay. Luckily, more knowledgeable users have shared tips and tricks on how to play the first-person shooter game.

Players should dive head first into the game. The jargon can get overwhelming for new players even though the game is good at introducing them to the new modes. Users are advised to get used to the gameplay on their own, so they can feel more comfortable exploring "Destiny 2's" world.

Non-playable characters (NPCs) should also be talked to when players are on The Farm, as they will alert players to new activities.

Completing the campaign is also another way of making the "Destiny 2" gameplay more enjoyable. Playing the campaign lets users become familiar with the weapons in the game and it is also the only way to unlock all of the game's other parts, including three-player missions called "strikes" and a selection of side stories.

Players also need to choose their classes wisely, since all three classes have their own weapons and abilities exclusive to them. "Destiny 2" has three classes, namely Titan, Warlock and Hunter. Players should pick one class and play more than 10 hours using that class, although they are allowed to create more than one player at the beginning of the game.

Titans are well-armored powerhouses that can change the course of a battle due to their sheer strength. Meanwhile, the Hunter is known for its agility and stealth, perfect for those who prefer rogue-like characters. Hunters have exclusive dodge skills and bonuses in weapon reloading and melee energy.

Warlocks, on the other hand, are "Destiny 2's" closest equivalent to wizards. They are tough to target, have team-healing benefits and have potent attack spells.

"Destiny 2" is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.