'Destiny 2' tips and tricks: Acquire exotics and show them off along with skills in PVP

Bungie"Destiny 2" reaches 1.2 million concurrent players within a week.

Players who want their characters to look "Exotic" and to have an edge against others in the new "Destiny 2" need not worry as exotic item acquisition has been made easier with tips and tricks online.

GameSpot recently published their quest guide on how to acquire the most desirable items in the game. As it is, obtaining exotics is pretty much a RNG (random number generation) lottery and requires both luck and hard work; players who are put off by this game mechanic and want to acquire exotics much faster would be happy to hear that there is a process for it in "Destiny 2."

The first exotic, the Coldheart rifle, while available straight away for players who availed of the pre-order, can also be obtained after finishing the campaign and going to the Gunsmith afterwards.

The Mida Multi-Tool scout rifle, like the Coldheart, also has the prerequisite of completing the campaign before being acquired. Once the player has completed the campaign, participating in the mission "Enhance" in the European Dead Zone will reward the players with the Mida Multi-Tool.

Sturm, the exotic hand cannon also requires a complete campaign. Once completed, players simply need to talk with Nessus and initiate and complete the mission "O Captain."

After acquiring the said exotics, players can then show them off in the "Lord Shaxx's Crucible," which is where players test their skills in the player-versus-player (PVP) part of "Destiny 2." According to Heavy.com, players would do well to bring additional weapons and exotic weapons, which can be addressed with the aforementioned exotic acquisition guide.

While it may be tempting to bring all the newly acquired exotics, players should take note that not every exotic is good for PVP since exotic slots are finite. Determining which ones are effective against human players are tantamount to winning a PVP session.

Of course, the teamwork and cooperation are equally important as the exotics that players bring. Patience, sticking close to your team, and knowing when to use "Super" moves will not only reward players with wins, but also award them with high repute from other players.

"Destiny 2" is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.