Denny’s diner offers special discount to churchgoers

A Texas branch of American diner chain Denny’s has been offering special discounts to its churchgoing customers in a drive to bring in more customers.

|PIC1|The branch has been offering a 10 per cent discount if churchgoers simply show a copy of their church’s Sunday service bulleting when they pay.

A number of disgruntled non-churchgoers, unable to take advantage of the discount, have accused the diner of religious discrimination.

One customer, Jeff Wagg, who had spent $10 in the diner, decided the issue was one of principle more than financial gain and chose to challenge the manager of the diner directly.

He questioned the diner manager asking: “I'm wondering how the millions of people like me who don't attend church can take advantage of this offer?”

According to Wagg the manager responded: “I'm sorry, you can't. It's for people who go to church.”

Wagg responded: “With this promotion, Denny's is encouraging people to go to church. Is that right?”

To which the manager replied: “No, it's just a way to bring in more business.”

Denny’s discount offer to churchgoers, however, is not a unique deal. A number of other businesses across the US have also offered similar discounts to churchgoers in the past.

|PIC2|In 1998 a minor league baseball team in Maryland had a policy of giving discounts to those who brought church bulletins to the ball park.

The North Florida New Daily also reports another story about a local baseball team from 2008 offering a $5 discount if fans showed a copy of the previous week's bulletin.

A steakhouse in Lexington, Kentucky, has offered a discount to churchgoers, while the Southland Church in Valdosta, Georgia, has a promotion on its website offering a 15 per cent discount at a specific Papa John's location if congregants take along their church bulletin.

A Mexican restaurant, El Jarrito in Katy, Texas, also offers 20 per cent off lunch with a church bulletin.

There are now over 2,500 branches of Denny's worldwide, with its first branch opening in California in 1953.

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