Democratic Republic of Congo: Cautious welcome after rebel group promises to disarm

A Congolese woman walks past United Nations peacekeepers from Uruguay as they stand guard on a street in Goma, eastern DRCAP

World Vision has welcomed reports that rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo are to end their insurgency.

The last 20 months have seen intense fighting between members of the M23 rebel group and forces belonging to the government.

Some 800,000 people fled their homes this year as a result of the fighting.

According to the BBC, the government said it had defeated M23 fighters in the east of the country, forcing them to surrender or flee across the border.

The M23 group has promised to pursue its goals using "purely political means".

Davies Bishi, World Vision Food Assistance Manager, said: "We're encouraged by attempts to restore peace in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, however there's a long way to go before normal life can resume.

"Displaced families living in IDP camps are unsure of whether the conflict is actually over - some are sending a family member home to assess the situation before returning to their villages.

"The last 20 months of conflict has left a humanitarian legacy that will continue long after the latest violence has ended."

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