Demi Lovato says a loving God wouldn't condemn gay people

Lovato also appeared in last month's NY and L.A. Pride parades.

Demi LovatoTwitter

Actress and pop singer Demi Lovato spoke at length via her Twitter account on Saturday regarding the treatment of gays in society.

Lovato's message was that only God can judge, and that He would not condemn homosexuality.

The 21-year-old used the app UberSocial's feature to post a 263 word tweet sharing her feelings about the issue.

"Was talking to someone very near and dear to my heart today about how people are STILL JUDGING others for their sexual preferences," she wrote.

"It really breaks my heart, and I'll never be able to understand why this world can't learn to accept one another for who they are without passing judgement [sic]. You are not God, therefore leave the judging to Him."

She also repeated a sentiment she shared at L.A. Pride, where she served as Grand Marshal of the parade.

"Like I said before, the LOVING God that I believe in, would never condemn anyone for loving another human of the same sex. That's just what I believe and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs," she wrote.

Following her message of tolerance, Lovato emphasized that God can save anyone from their sins.

"But I will say, I grew up learning in Sunday school and Bible camps about a God who loves all no matter where you came from or what you've done," she said.

"A man named Jesus who forgives people of all sins including horrible things like murder if you simply ask for forgiveness and accept Him into your heart."

Lovato is a long-time LGBT advocate, and recently revealed that her grandfather was gay.

"He was a brave man who in the '60s came out of the closet, which is unheard of," she told Confidential last month.

The 21-year-old has openly discussed other personal issues, such as her struggles with bulimia, self-mutilation, bipolar disorder, and drug and alcohol addictions. She said that the Lord took her through those trials to learn important lessons.

"He put me through those things, which seemed horrible at the time, but they were so worth it," she said in a Cosmopolitan interview. "With the obstacles I've overcome, I can help people."

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