Demand on African Churches to be Leaders of Reconciliation & Education

Looking upon to the turbulence of the political and social environment in Africa, church leaders have been urged to play their role to resolve political differences in Africa rather than fan political instability.

The argument was raised by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) when speaking to The Chronicle in an interview in Accra during the church's four-day Anglophone leadership conference.

Kumuyi addressed that apart from the propagation of the gospel, leaders of the church should have shown their leadership. They should take up the responsibility in achieving reconciliation between different parties and political stability.

He warned that it is dangerous for church leaders who are supposed to promote peace to be knocking the heads of politicians against each other.

"Church leaders should be willing to sacrifice and listen to everybody's version. That is why taking sides is dangerous," Kumuyi stressed. Once again, he remained church leaders should be peacemakers not inflamers of passions.

Therefore, it comes to the need of uniting Christian churches in the West- Africa region in order to gain strong strength. Even though there was no formal platform to bring the leadership of churches and political leaders on the continent together to preach peace, when churches cooperate with each other, things can happen as suggested by Kumuyi.

Similar opinions are also presented by the lawmaker, Senator Bala Adamu Kariya, representing Bauchi central senatorial district at the National Assembly. He expressed his worry about the spate of violence and assassinations across the country. Not only will the image of the nation be damaged, it also discourages would-be investors from investing in the country.

Kariya called on religious and traditional leaders to assist the government towards arresting the trend.

Education for the young generation is another crucial factor in building a more beautiful Africa. Both religious and social parties have mentioned the point.
Kumuyi, as leader of the single largest congregation in African, asked the church leaders to teach their members their responsibilities and rights as Christian citizens.

"If we want to enjoy our rights as Christians and citizens we must know our responsibilities because you cannot enjoy your rights without knowing your responsibilities as citizens."

The lawmaker, Kariya wished the Non-Governmental organizations to complement government's efforts by sensitizing the youth on the need to promote peace and harmonious relationship in the states.