'Death Note' Netflix movie: Official cast revealed; Production begings

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As reported by Collider, Netflix has now announced that its live-action adaptation of "Death Note" has officially begun production. The streaming giant has also revealed its main cast, showcasing the changes the film will undertake now that the movie is being made for an international audience instead of the original's Japanese setting. 

The film is to be directed by Adam Wingard, who directed "The Guest" and "You're Next," and is penned by Jeremy Slater, who also wrote 2015's "The Fantastic Four."

Nat Wolf has been cast to play the lead character Light Turner, who was named Light Yagami in the Japanese manga series by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. Wolff is most notable for playing the lead male in "The Fault in Our Stars."

Keith Stanfield from "Straight Outta Compton" has been cast to play the genius detective known only as L. Margaret Qualley has been cast as Mia Sutton, originally called Misa Amane in the manga and anime series. Paul Nakauchi, of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," has been cast to play L's butler and friend, Watari. Shea Whigham will play James Turner, Light's father.

Fans speculate that the characters will retain elements from the anime despite being of a different racial background than originally presented.

L will still be a world-class detective raised in a British orphanage, James will still be a high-ranking police detective, Mia will be Light's girlfriend and assistant and Light will still be a genius student using a supernatural notebook, the titular Death Note, to kill criminals as he attempts to remake the world as he sees fit. 

Wingard explained that the changes would not be unfaithful to the original series but will update the movie to appeal to a wider audience.

Wingard explained "I am honored to be working with this great cast and I look forward to bringing Tsugumi and Takeshi's unique story to a global audience."

"Death Note" will release sometime on Netflix by 2017.