Deadpool 2 release date, cast update: teaser trailer shows Stan Lee in cameo, Ryan Reynolds' butt

"Deadpool 2" is on its way and its obvious fans can't wait as a new teaser on YouTube has clocked up over 9 million views. 

The superhero, played by Ryan Reynolds, is set to back back on the big screen come March 2, 2018, with David Leitch confirmed as the director, so fans still have quite a wait on their hands. 

And if the response to the new promo is anything to go by, it's going to be a hard but fun wait.  

The teaser rolled out on Saturday and is just under four minutes in length.  In it, Wade Wilson sees an old man being mugged in an alley way.

In a wonderful and hilarious nod to the old "Superman" movies, the classic John Williams theme tune plays while Wade heads into a phone booth. 

Clark Kent always had his superhero costume handily tucked away under his normal clothes so he just had to spin around and he was dressed, but Deadpool is no ordinary superhero.  A few minutes later, he's still struggling to get changed into his superhero costume.  

And there's a very funny moment when Wade's bare bottom is pressed against the glass of the phone booth. 

The promo teases a wry humorous exchange between Wade and Marvel creator Stan Lee in a cameo role before Wade finally makes it over to the mugged man, only to find he's already dead.  Hilariously, Wade admits he probably should have just called 911.

So, if fans loved the first Deadpool, we can be sure there's plenty more where that came from as the sequel seems to cutting a similar line when it comes to humor.  And it looks like the long wait is going to be well worth it.  It may be too early to breathe a sigh of relief, but we want to as this teaser was too funny! 

The teaser may also have featured some cryptic clues about the cast, as fans are speculating that the words "Nathan Summers" seen scrawled on the phone booth are an indication that Nathan Fillion of the shortlived TV show "Firefly" will appearing in the sequel. 

Watch the teaser for Deadpool 2 here and see what you think: