'Deadpool 2' rumors: Screening performed poorly for sequel

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool will have some issues with superhero sequels in "Deadpool 2."20th Century Fox

"Deadpool 2" is not doing well right now, as the upcoming sequel's screening has yielded some unfavorable reception, with some of the production cast members confirming the title's emergency reshoot to make amends.

This was after Fox's early screening for the movie over the weekend. Some of the viewers even claimed the movie to be a "big mess." Though this was still a rumor at this point since the sources remain anonymous and have not been confirmed to have seen the said early premiere. It is worth noting that screening actually required the viewers to sign a non-disclosure agreement, meaning whatever happened there was still quite obscure though it apparently did not prevent some from "disclosing" the negatives of the sequel.

Allegations point to how the movie was significantly longer than the first film by about 30 minutes and some of the characters were underutilized, particularly Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Deadpool's (Ryan Reynolds) human girlfriend. This was from the sources of blogger Jeremy Conrad, though his reports on Twitter have since been taken down by Fox with a threat of legal action.

Still, the said sources are unnamed and could possibly be fabricated and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, Josh Brolin, actor for "Deadpool 2's" Cable character has pretty much confirmed that the movie is undergoing a reshoot, perhaps due to the supposed poor reception of the screening. Brolin revealed as much when he told Entertainment Weekly that "I'm up here right now in snowy Vancouver doing reshoots for 'Deadpool.' Given that it's a satire of all superhero movies, especially Marvel movies, how can you not?"

This made a lot of fans worried since "Deadpool 2" is due in May, which is less than two months away from now and they are still doing reshoots for the movie. The reshoots could still save the movie somehow, should the poor reception claims prove to be true, but for now, the most fans can do is to hold their breaths since "Deadpool 2" is set to arrive on May 16.