'Days of Our Lives' rumors include return of Vincent Irizarry as Deimos and Sheila going rogue on both Adrienne and Bonnie

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Half the time, characters can never stay dead in Salem, and that also applies to the villains that terrorized its citizens. Spoilers for "Days of Our Lives" in the coming episodes hint that Deimos (Vincent Irizzary) may be coming back.

When Deimos was killed during that night at the Martin house, fans of the show have probably breathed a sigh of relief. The scheming and horrible Kiriakis may have been out of their hair for good. However, that might not actually remain that way for long. Lately, there has been so many reports of characters returning, either from a long time of being off-screen or from the dead. Will (Chandler Massey) is one of them.

It is not a far-off chance that Deimos might also be a character who would return to Salem in the coming months. That story was thought to be over and done with when Nicole (Arianne Zucker) revealed that she was the one who stuck the knife in him. However, spoilers tease that Deimos' murder will keep haunting Nicole. If Nicole keeps thinking about that drug-induced night, then it must mean he will be coming back at some point.

She will be so tormented that she will open up to Abe (James Reynolds) about it. However, it remains to be seen if she would reveal the specifics of what happened to him.

Off-screen, Irizarry shared that he was rather disappointed at how heartless Deimos has become near the end of his arc. Irizarry felt that the character had a lot of potential and the fans shared the same sentiments. Irizarry is a great actor, which was proven by how much viewers hated Deimos.

Nicole's last appearance will be sometime around Thanksgiving, and she will take Holly and leave Salem. But why? The reason must be big enough to drive her to leave.

Elsewhere, "Days of Our Lives" spoilers indicate that some double-crossing might be happening in the coming episodes. Sheila (T-Boz Watkins) will decide to go rogue, or at least cause some trouble in Salem. There is a good chance that she will decide to double-cross both Adrienne and Bonnie (Judi Evans) to go after the Kiriakis money.

As previously shown, Adrienne took a chance when she asked Sheila to give her card to Justin (Wally Kurth) telling him about the whole situation. Sheila only agreed because Adrienne kept telling her that Justin will give her a lot of money for this information. Bonnie intercepted the card that Adrienne was supposed to have Justin read, and persuaded her not to blab by making an even sweeter deal.

Sheila ended up getting a job in the Kiriakis mansion as a housekeeper, but she was certainly doing anything but dusting the figures. She still has some leverage over Bonnie by keeping the card after all. One word out of her and Bonnie's plan is exposed. However, Sheila also cannot be expected to do what Adrienne says either. She only agreed because she was going to get something out of it, not exactly from the kindness of her heart.

The former Statesville inmate might try and come up with her own plan. She could double-cross the two of them by taking some of the valuables and antiques the Kiriakis family has, perhaps including the cursed amulet too. Will Sheila stick to Adrienne's deal? To Bonnie's deal? Or will she go on her own? That remains to be seen.

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