'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Clyde has lead for Kate; Brady threatens to tell on Nicole

Twitter/nbcdaysNicole will have to make a choice in "Days of Our Lives"

The mystery surrounding Will (Chandler Massey) continues as more revelations start coming to the surface. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers for this week reveal that Kate (Lauren Koslow) will learn something shocking.

Not only does it concern Will, but the fact that her former lover Clyde (James Read) is the one telling her about the man who is supposed to be dead. Previously, Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) revealed a valuable piece of information about Will. He revealed to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) that he was only told that Will was alive, and with a little push from the police commissioner, it turns out that Clyde was the one who told him.

This will result in Kate paying Clyde a visit at the jailhouse, and when she asks him about it, Clyde will give Kate an answer that will only leave more questions. He does not name names, but he does reveal that he has some information that could lead people to believe that Will might not be dead after all.

Nevertheless, fans should expect that Clyde will give Kate a lead. However, just like Ben, Clyde will want something in return for the information he revealed. Will Kate give him something that he wants?

Meanwhile, in another part of Salem, "Days of Our Lives" spoilers indicate that Brady (Eric Martsolf) will do something despicable. He will give Nicole (Arianne Zucker) an ultimatum. Should she not agree to his terms, then he will expose her to the police for Deimos's (Vincent Irizarry) murder.

Brady has been very suspicious of Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Nicole for quite some time already. He had confronted her a few times before, and Nicole always told him the truth. Although he still feels guilty for driving Eric out of town, he thought his worries about Nicole being unfaithful were over. Brady will eventually know that he was right, even though his brother left Salem already.

At the farmhouse, after confessing their feelings to each other, Eric and Nicole hit the sheets. Nicole obviously will feel guilty for cheating on Brady. She will try to keep it on the down low for a while, but Brady will sense that she is hiding something from him. Nicole will eventually tell him the truth that she is still in love with Eric.

Brady will be furious and vows to get revenge on Nicole. Filled with rage, he will use the information he has on Nicole to emotionally destroy her. She will either leave Salem or cut off all contact with Eric or else he will put her in prison. Nicole will end up choosing to leave, as getting convicted for murder will force her to lose Holly forever. She will obviously be devastated, but she will not be the only one who will get hurt in the midst of this.

Eric will be wondering why Nicole would suddenly abandon him just when they rekindled their romance. When he learns that she left Salem without a word, he will realize it was because of Brady. Eric is generally a very kind guy, but this could spark a feud between the two brothers.

While it was previously reported that Arianne Zucker's final air date was around late November, it seems that she will be leaving Salem a lot earlier than expected. This will serve as her last week on the show.

"Days of Our Lives" airs Mondays to Fridays at 12 p.m. EDT on NBC.