Day of prayer for the media


The Church and Media Network is inviting Christians and churches to pray for the media.

The Christian organisation exists to build a bridge between the church and the media. It is encouraging all churches and Christians to mark Sunday 12 May 2013 as a special day of prayer dedicated to the media.

Churches are encouraged to contact their local newspaper, radio and TV station to find out what they would like prayer for, and to invite local editors to speak at church events.

Reverend Tony Miles, of BBC Radio 2's 'Pause for Thought' and chairman of the Church and Media Network said: "The British media is under scrutiny as never before. Illegal and unethical practices by some journalists have combined with tough economic times and pressures from new technology to make these challenging times for everyone working in the media."

Miles, a Methodist minister and media chaplain based at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, added: "As Christians, we want to affirm that the media can be a positive influence for good in society and has a vital role to play in our national, local and international life.

"We also want to affirm those numerous people of goodwill and of faith working within the media."

The Day of Prayer is being supported by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu and the Bishop of Bradford, Nick Baines, who have both provided prayers for the event.

Dr Sentamu's prayer reads:

Lord Jesus Christ, you speak and bring all that is seen and unseen into being: we give you thanks for the gift of the media to reach the far flung places of the earth with messages of hope and life.
 We give you thanks for those who risk their security and even their lives to expose injustice and to bring news of hope.
 May they strive to be the bearers of good news that all people may come to know the abundant life for which we have been created; and yet more wonderfully redeemed in Jesus Christ.
 We offer our prayer in your name, in the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of the Father. Amen.

The prayer from Bishop Nick Baines reads:
 Whose 'let there be' kicked life into being,
 Enliven us who by our word and image
 Shine light on truth.

 Whose 'word made flesh'
 Showed us the face of the father,
 Open our eyes to see through your eyes
 The truth about the world.

 Whose breath gives life to creation,
 Breathe through us,
 That our words and work might bring life and hope
 In the light of the truth you show us.

In the name of the word made flesh
 Who turned flesh into word. Amen.

You can tweet your support for the Day of Prayer @churchandmedia and using #pray4media.

Further materials for the day have been written by Peter Crumpler, former Director of Communications for the Church of England's Archbishops' Council.

They are available on the Church and Media Network's website at:

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