David Crowder is getting back to his musical roots

What happened to your band?

It sounds kind of complicated, does it not? Yeah, for twelve years we were a band and we got our start at a little church in Waco, Texas, and it was wonderful. We had a couple of contracts that we went through with the label and by the time we got to the end of the second one we were looking at each other and felt is was time for something new. It was as simple as that. We just we all felt like God was taking us to do something different.

And so four of the guys have started a new band called The Digital Age, while another is working with the ONE campaign, which was started by U2's Bono, and is all about the elimination of poverty and AIDS in Africa. So he's making trips to DC and talking to congressmen and women and he's just loving life.

And then there's me; and I'm out on my own. We're going to get a little solo thing going here in the future and we'll see what happens.

How would you describe the sort of music you're doing now?

It's much more than we were doing with the David Crowder Band which was very electronic based - computer based - music.

I have just gone a one-eighty, with very traditional instrumentation, upright bass, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, cello - that kind of thing and we'll build from there I'll see what happens. I'll have to twist it along the way but for now we're trying to get our roots back on the ground.

Would it be like a country style?

Well that creeps in as I'm from Texas and I can't help it. But it's basically pop songs with new instrumentation on top of it at this point. So we'll see where it's going but, at the moment, I can't tell you.

Do you have any albums in the pipeline?

Oh no, we have got nothing right now. We're biding our time. I'm not getting in a hurry and I'm just trying to pray for light enough for the next step and the courage to take it, and we'll get there when we need to get there.