Daughter has wedding dance with dying father at his hospital bed before he loses battle with cancer [VIDEO]

David Wilson and his daughter, Lisa, on her wedding day, Aug. 23.David Wilson/Facebook

A bride drastically changed her wedding plans so that her dying father could attend her wedding, and so they could have that precious father-daughter dance together.

David Wilson had advanced stage cancer, and was unable to leave his Irvine Medical Center hospital room. So, his daughter, Lisa, decided to bring the celebration to him.

Lisa moved her wedding date up one week to August 23, and gathered family members and a small bridal party in her father's room. She married Robert Pantoja at her father's bedside.

After the ceremony, David shook Robert's hand, and gave Lisa a kiss. Lisa leaned and spoke to her father.

"I said, 'Daddy, I want to do my father-daughter dance with you.'" she told CBS Los Angeles. "He said, 'I can't dance,' and I said, 'You don't have to. I want to dance with your hands.'"

Lisa twirled and swayed while holding her father's hands, while Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" played on a cell phone. A video posted to David's Facebook page captures the heartfelt moment.

"The best gift, a daughter could give. Congratulations Dr. Lisa Pantoja," David wrote in the caption. After the special dance, Lisa showered her father in kisses.

David also had a message for his new son-in-law. "Rob, you're the lucky one," he told Robert. "You won the lottery: You got my baby girl."

David passed away on September 2, and was laid to rest on September 7. After his passing, his family posted a message on his Facebook page, thanking those "who have prayed for, loved, and cherished David Wilson."

They have since updated the page with photos of David, and news clips showing the popularity of the father-daughter dance video. The touching clip has gone viral – receiving over 350,000 shares on Facebook.

David Wilson/Facebook