'Dance Moms' season 7 spoilers: Is JoJo Siwa set to leave Abby's dance company?

After the Ziegler siblings and Chloe Lukasiak departed from "Dance Moms" after its sixth season, more dancers are rumored to leave the show in season 7.

Rumors about another cast departure came out after 13-year-old JoJo Siwa and her mother Jessalyn were not seen at the Sheer Talent competition held in Spokane, Washington last weekend. Kendall's mother Jill Vertes shared a photo of the dressing room for the students from the Abby Lee Dance Company, showing that only four makeup stands remain in the room.

...and then there were 4!

Kalani Hilliker's mother Kira Girard also shared a photo that further ignited the rumors regarding the lesser number of returning dancers for ALDC, since JoJo and Jessalyn were not included in the picture.


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Another Instagram post, this time from Dance Moms Official Spoilers, showed that only four headshots remain in the ADLC pyramid during the weekend's dance competition.

There are only four headshots on the pyramid this week! With Jess & JoJo walking out of last weeks pyramid & not competing at the weekend, what could this mean for the Siwa's? #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #spoilers #dmos_siwa

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If the rumors are true, JoJo followed the footsteps of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler who left the show after season 6 to pursue their careers outside the ADLC and Chloe, who became busy with her own web series.

While Lifetime has yet to announce if "Dance Moms" will be renewed for season 7, Deadline reported that the head dance coach Abby Lee Miller was granted with a sixth and final extension to file her reply to her indictment after being charged with 20 counts of fraud last October.

Abby Lee was charged with bankruptcy fraud, false bankruptcy declarations, and concealment of bankruptcy assets. If proven guilty, she could serve up to five years behind bars and pay at least $5 million in fines.

According to reports, Abby Lee's legal team are currently working to come up with a possible plea deal so she can avoid imprisonment. She only has until June 30 to submit the necessary documents for the possible trial.