'Dance Moms' news: Mackenzie Ziegler countersues music producer; Cheryl Burke replaces Abby Lee Miller

LifetimeFormer instructor Abby Lee Miller in season 7 episode 16 of "Dance Moms"

There are ups and downs in "Dance Moms," but some of the latest news about cast members, both old and new, represent just that. Former "Dance Moms" star Mackenzie Ziegler is in the middle of a lawsuit against a music producer while Cheryl Burke takes center stage as the show's new instructor.

Since leaving the show, Ziegler's popularity and career has been on the rise for some time. However, things did not turn out so well when it was reported that a music producer is suing the former "Dance Moms" star. The producer in question is Andrew Logan of Kismet Music, and Logan sued the star for supposedly breaching their contract by working with another producer.

However, Ziegler and her mother Melissa Gisoni, as TMZ reports, filed to countersue Logan, claiming that he never paid her for the music that she would turn out. However, that is not all, as Ziegler also fired at former "Dance Moms" instructor Abby Lee Miller for introducing her to Logan in the first place. Ziegler stated that the reason why she decided to sign onto Kismet Music was because of Miller's recommendation. Now that Miller is currently serving time in jail, Ziegler claimed that Miller forced her into it, although she is not part of the countersuit.

On the brighter side, Burke will be taking Miller's place as the show's newest instructor. The former "Dancing With the Stars" champion is positive that she will have no difficulties in transitioning in the show. Burke shared in an Instagram post that she knows how to motivate the girls. As for Miller, she was initially worried about Burke's reaction towards the budget, which is smaller compared to her stint on "Dancing With the Stars."

Burke was one of the people who spoke up when Miller's scandal erupted. She said that she thinks what Miller did was traumatizing to the girls, and while she knows she has to be strict to make sure that they are the best that they can be, she also wants the girls to feel confident about themselves.