'Dance Moms' accused of faking the scores in the competition?

Facebook/DanceMomsonLIFETIMEA promotional photo for "Dance Moms."

The cast members of "Dance Moms" recently expressed their thoughts following the premiere of season 7 episode 24. In the Tuesday's run, Abby Lee Miller's ALDC team supposedly managed to get ahead of its rival dance group, the newly-founded The Irreplaceables.

After the release of the episode, some of the cast spoke out about the reality TV series and reportedly accused Lifetime of editing the recent competition score results. Jill Vertes, the mother of "Dance Moms" star Kendall, opened up about the alleged score manipulation. She wrote on Twitter, "Don't get caught up in fake news! No one won the high score overall! Not Abby, not us."

In response to a fan's comment, Vertes wrote, "Yes someone did win first, but it wasn't ALDC but the tv made it look like it was." She went on to retweet one fan's remark about the episode showing a score that might be a result of "creative editing."

To add more fuel to the fire, Kalani Hilliker's mom, Kira Girard, seemed to agree with the statement by writing, "For the record, they didn't win." When asked by Twitter users to clarify what she meant, she noted that her daughter's rival team got a place in their division but not in the overalls.