Cycle aims to raise £500,000 for Mission to Seafarers

Bike ride aims to raise half million for Mission to Seafarers.

|PIC1|Shipping veteran Robert Woods today signed up to help The Mission to Seafarers raise £500,000 for its vital maritime welfare work around the world.

At the Mission's headquarters in the City of London, Mr Woods committed himself to his second Tour Pour La Mer bike ride which this year is a one-day event starting in Southampton and will see riders cycling through the stunning beauty of the New Forest.

Whilst filling in his application form, Mr Woods commented: "Tour Pour La Mer is a great event for the shipping industry and I am delighted to sign up and play my part in supporting the work that The Mission to Seafarers carries out in ports throughout the world.

Mr Woods is the recently appointed Chairman of the Council for The Mission to Seafarers and will join cyclists from around the world for the 100-mile route starting in Palmerston Park, Southampton, on Friday 28 September.

The course will take riders from Southampton, up alongside Southampton Water into the New Forest. Following lunch, the riders will continue on their circular route finishing in the place they set off, Palmerston Park, Southampton.

[Source: Mission to Seafarers]

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