CSW Express Deep Concern for Human Rights in North Korea

A petition to campaign for human rights in North Korea with 25,000 signatures has been handed over to the United Nation. It reached the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva on 29th September.

Here is an extract content of the petition:
"We the undersigned wish to express our grave concern at the gross and systematic abuse of human rights in North Korea and urge you to address this issue as a matter of high priority. In particular we draw your attention to the all pervasive control of society; use of extreme forms of torture; existence of secret prison camps; forced labour, barbaric treatment and inhumane living conditions inflicted on prisoners; frequent use of execution; lack of access to the law, fair trial and due process; denial of religious freedom and harsh repression of Christian believers; denial of freedom of thought, expression, information, assembly and association; mistreatment of those who have left the country illegally, abduction of foreigners and diversion of aid."

The organiser, CSW estimated that 100,000 people are still held in prison camps, and are very keen to see the authorities reform their very severe policies of repression of religious freedom. Currently it is lobbying for a United Nation's resolution and the establishment of a Special Rapporteur on the DPRK, who has just recently been appointed.

CSW has expressed its very deep concern for North Korea. Just this month Bill Rammell MP, the first ever British minister made a visit to Pyongyang. The delegation, which also includes the Head of the Human Rights Policy Department at the FCO, met with senior North Korean officials to discuss North Korea's nuclear programme and its human rights situation.

In addition, CSW also called for the Week of Prayer for North Korea on September 20-26, with the London Prayer Event On September 25th. A special prayer event hosted by Phil Wall took place on September 25th at St Michael's Church, Chester Square, London.

Mervyn Thomas, CSW's Chief Executive, said: "The needs in North Korea could not be greater. The darkness could not be more intense, the persecution more chilling and the need to pray more compelling."