Crowdfunded game 'Tokyo Dark' gets rave reviews

Steam website"Tokyo Dark" features a unique sanity meter which will either make or break the game's characters.

Anime and horror fans alike will enjoy the newly-released crowdfunded mystery thriller/horror game "Tokyo Dark" by developer Cherrymochi and publisher Square Enix.

"Tokyo Dark," which was released on Sept. 7, is now getting reviews very quickly, and most are favorable, praising the game for its intrigue and suspense. The Steam score for "Tokyo Dark" clocked in at a superb 90% positive based on 80 Steam user reviews at the time of writing.

The game is primarily a visual novel, which is a common game format/sub-genre in Japan. However, its thrilling storyline and innovative sanity system give it an edge compared to most visual novel games. As reported by PC Gamer, the Japanese-themed game adds a western neo-noir twist to the setting, something more commonly found in western detective literature. This blending of cultures has worked well for "Tokyo Dark," as it provides gripping suspense while being more approachable due to its anime theme.

According to Video Gamer, the game also has an innovative sanity system, aptly called SPIN, which stands for sanity, professionalism, investigation, and neurosis. These metrics will affect the game's protagonist, Detective Ito, whenever she's performing or is about to perform tasks during an investigation or a psychological episode.

This puts Detective Ito at a certain vulnerability akin to a survival horror game. The premise of the game is rather ominous; it is built around an urban legend of an underground gateway where all who enter disappear and are lost forever. Detective Ito's partner who went missing is presumed to have entered the said gateway. This prompted Ito to embark on a mission to look for her friend.

The game features a mix between the gameplay styles of a visual novel and a point-and-click system of navigation in the game world. The unique sanity mechanic of the game will make players care about the characters of the story, especially the protagonist.

"Tokyo Dark" is now out and is sure to bring players to the edge of their seats. It is available for Microsoft Windows and has a 10 percent discount on Steam until Sept. 15.