Cow falls on man VIDEO: 1 ton animal fell through roof and landed on bed, crushing victim

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A cow has fallen on a man, crushing him to death and injuring his wife in an extraordinary incident in Brazil last week. The Brazilian victim was called Joao Maria de Souza, 45, and he was killed when a large cow fell through the roof of his house, landing on him and his wife as they slept in bed.

A man has suffered an unusual death after a cow fell on him.

Joao Maria de Souza, 45, tragically died when a large cow fell through the roof of his house and landed on him and his wife as they laid in bed together.

The Brazilian man was crushed instantly by the cow, which is believed to have weight over a ton.

The cow is believed to have been crazing in the fields in the town of Caratinga, near Maria de Souza's house. It then somehow made its way onto the roof of the house, which was too weak to support the massive weight of the cow.

The victim was sleeping when the animal fell on him. He later died due to internal bleeding from injuries.

"Being crushed by a cow in your bed is the last way you expect to leave this earth," said the victim's brother. He said the time it took for paramedics to arrive was too long. "But in my view it wasn't the cow that killed our Joao, it was the unacceptable time he spent waiting to be examined."

The cow reportedly escaped from a nearby farm near the victim's house and had wandered off.

The investigation continues into the death of the man. His wife was reportedly uninjured.

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