Country duo Joey + Rory put trust in God after cancer diagnosis and hysterectomy: 'God has a plan for everyone'

Couple announced in March that their new baby has Down Syndrome.

Joey and Rory Feek with daughter Indiana."This Life I Live" blog

Rory Feek shared in a June 25 blog post that his wife, Joey, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer in May. On June 20, Joey underwent a hysterectomy, and will not require any chemotherapy or radiation.

The couple's announcement came just three months after the Feeks revealed that their daughter, Indiana, has Down Syndrome. In spite of the medical discoveries, the country music duo has put their faith in God and shared their testimony with their fans.

Rory wrote in a post entitled, "Home of the brave – Joey, courage and cancer," that his wife's gynecologist, whom they had met only twice, cried when she told them the cancer diagnosis.

"Before she could even say the word 'cancer,' her eyes welled up with tears and sobbing she said, 'I'm so sorry Joey...,'" Rory wrote. "My wife bravely smiled and said, 'It's gonna be okay, just tell us.' And so she did.

"Joey has cervical cancer."

The gynecologist was the same doctor that told the Feeks that Indiana, born February 17, may have Down Syndrome. Test performed days later confirmed that their daughter has the condition. Indiana is the couple's only child together. Rory has two daughters, Hopie and Heidi, from a previous marriage.

After the cancer diagnosis, the couple cried and sang the hymn "I Need Thee Every Hour" together.

"And then, like turning off a faucet... we said a prayer, dried our tears and decided to put our trust in Him," Rory said.

A gynecology-oncology specialist recommended that Joey have a hysterectomy, and she has steadily improved since the surgery.

The couple's spokesperson, Elizabeth Meade, reported on the family's condition on June 26.

"Joey is recovering really well and everyone is in great spirits," she told People Magazine.

"Both Joey and Rory are so humbled by the outpouring of love and support they've been shown over the past 24 hours. They know that God has a plan for everyone and they're just taking the journey one day at a time."

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