'Counting On' Josh Duggar news, rumors: Josh included in family photos

Facebook/countingontlcA promotional poster for the reality television show by TLC, "Counting On"

It appears that Josh Duggar, from the canceled reality television show "19 Kids and Counting" by TLC, is slowly being welcomed back in the good graces of the Duggar family. In fact, after such a long time, Josh has once again been included in the social media photos of the different Duggar family members, after keeping away from the public eye since he was faced with molestation scandals back in 2015. 

Recently, in the official Duggar family Facebook page, a collage of photos was posted to commemorate the family's milestones of the year. With many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's children getting married, and having three new grandchildren in 2017 alone, the family shared their excitement for what is to come in the New Year. Included in the collage was Josh and his wife Anna.  

In addition to this post, some members of the family publicly congratulated Josh for having a new baby boy, who is named Mason. These actions are definitely early signs that the Duggars are attempting to slowly bring back Josh into the public's eye. It is even safe to assume that the Duggars may want to incorporate Josh in the reality television once more. However, fans have expressed their distaste for that possibility. 

As of now, Josh has not yet been penalized for his alleged crimes, which involved molesting four of his sisters -- who at the time were all underage. Although some of the fans of the reality television show are glad to have finally seen Josh again after so long, some fans raised their concerns about Josh's potential return stating that there are a whole new set of children this time around.

If Josh is truly guilty of his crimes, this might not bode well for the family in the long run. As of now, it is still unknown if Josh will be making appearance on "Counting On" when it airs some time this year.