Cooking with Chris August

Chris August

He's not just a great music artist, he's also handy in the kitchen too - well, kind of! And Chris August wants to share his cooking talents with his fans.

He's back to the cooking videos with Season 2 of Cooking with Chris and to kick it off, he tells us how to make a quick three course meal.

The appetiser, "Robchos", was something he picked up when he was with David Crowder Band on their farewell tour and the snack was served up by the tour manager Rob.

"It's like nachos to the next level," he promises.

The Robchos are made with nachos, cheddar cheese and some "magical red pepper spice".

For the main course, he talks fans through a pizza sub - a "sandwich to the next level, pizza style".

The not so healthy bun is followed up with upside down cake inspired by his latest album "The Upside of Down".

But don't get your hopes up for a new recipe to try at home. His version is a cake literally turned upside down on a plate and washed down with a glass of milk.

He concludes: "Well folks, it's been fun. I miss you. I'm glad we're back at this thing."

If you don't like his food, you'll definitely like his style!

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