Evangelist Morris Cerullo dies aged 88

Evangelist Morris Cerullo passed away in California on Saturday, a day after his family said he was being treated for pneumonia. He was 88. 

On Facebook on Friday, his family had asked supporters for prayers for both Cerullo and his wife Theresa "who has been working around the clock to assist in his care." 

But on Instagram on Saturday, it was announced that he had died. 

"Today we remember the incredible life of this great man. Your Legacy will live on!" the announcement said. 

The Pentecostal preacher travelled the world for his preaching ministry, holding largescale evangelistic events where it was often claimed the sick had been miraculously healed. 

But he courted controversy at times. In 1992, a woman with epilepsy died after believing she had been healed at one of his crusades in London.  An inquest into her death suggested she had stopped taking her medication and said it was a "tragedy" that she had gone to the event.

At the time, Cerullo said the inquest's conclusions were "a total injustice". 

In 1996, his ministry left the UK Evangelical Alliance following complaints over his claims of miraculous healings. 

In addition to his wife Theresa, Cerullo is survived by his children, David Cerullo and Susan Peterson, seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

David Cerullo is CEO of Inspiration Ministries, the TV network his father bought from televangelist Jim Bakker after the latter became embroiled in accusations of rape and financial mismanagement.