'Constantine' season 2 cancelled? Renewal 'a long shot'


Recently, there were reports claiming that "Constantine" will not move on to season 2. Fortunately for fans of the DC Comics-inspired drama-horror series, these reports are inaccurate as showrunner Daniel Cerone himself said so. However, the show's fate still hangs in the balance. 

"I just received confirmation from the corporate offices at NBC. I was assured that Constantine has not been canceled and our pitch meeting to discuss a potential second season remains on the books," Cerone confirmed in an official statement. 

"By the way, this is a pitch meeting involving the president of Warner Bros and the entertainment heads of NBC. Nobody at this incredibly busy time of the development season has time to waste taking pointless meetings," he went on to say. 

Although "Constantine" is up for a pitch, this does not assure that the show will be getting a sophomore run. Cerone himself admitted in the same statement that a renewal may be a "long shot." He then counted possible reasons why the series might bid goodbye to the small screen for good. 

"While we marginally improved a tough time slot for NBC, we're a very expensive show to produce," Cerone revealed. "A lot of NBC's decision making will no doubt hinge on their new pilots and how they feel those new shows would fare as a companion piece to Grimm, versus a second season of Constantine." 

The show may have failed to catch up with other series inspired from its universe as well as that of Marvel's, but it has earned an adamant fanbase that continues to fight and "#SaveConstantine." Its rating was not soaring but it was constantly on the rise. 

At the end of the day, it will still be NBC's call. With Cerone and his team preparing for the pitch by the end of April, fans of "Constantine" will know by May if there will be a season 2 of their favorite series.