Congregation donates 74,000 pounds of clothing to charity after pastor challenges them on excess

The members of Bent Tree Church are letting go of things they are no longer using and donating it to those in need, and they are surprised to have accumulated over 74,000 pounds or 34 tons of excess clothes!

It all started on January 4 when Pastor Pete Briscoe urged church members to let go of the unnecessary things in their lives.

He preached that "less is better," and even shared how he was a victim of excess himself, after he found 20 pairs of unused sunglasses in a drawer.

He said that people often have a misconception that life will be better if they have more things, but in his experience that is not the case.

"Excess isn't success. Excess is supply," said Briscoe. "Those things sitting forgotten in a closet could change the life of someone who has little. The excess that we may use one day could be donated and used in our community now."

The pastor then challenged people to ruthlessly go over their things and donate whatever they considered to be in excess of their needs.

Briscoe is challenging others to do the same and consider these questions before keeping it or letting it go:

  • Does this fit?
  • Have I worn this in the past 12 months?
  • Is it outdated?
  • If I were shopping right now, would I buy this item?
  • Do I feel happy when I wear this?

The Bent Tree congregation took on the challenge and they discovered that they collectively have 74,000 pounds of unneeded clothing, which will now benefit the less fortunate. The items will be distributed through the Christian Community Action.

"We've started with just our closets, and we've found this much we can give to those in need," said Briscoe. "Imagine what we can do as we begin cleaning out our whole houses."

For its part, CCA Logistics Director Charles Wahlstedt was overwhelmed with the number of donations and jokingly expressed concern that the Bent Tree congregation might have given away all their clothes.

"This is the largest donation we have ever received at CCA, and there isn't even a close second. I hope the people in your congregation still have some clothes to wear on Sunday!"