Congo’s displaced living in ‘pitiful’ conditions

Thousands of displaced people in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being forced to live in inhumane conditions, a bishop has warned.

Bishop Bahati Bali-Busane Sylvestre, of the Diocese of Bukavu, is calling for greater attention to be given to the humanitarian crisis in north-eastern DRC, the aid agency Anglican Alliance reports.

He said thousands of people forced to flee from their homes were living in “pitiful” conditions.

“In recent days I visited the displaced people in North Kivu. I saw some of those who are living in the Kanyaruchina camp, in Munigi Anglican Primary School and in Buvira Church building," he said.

"Their situation is pitiful and needs prayer and any kind of assistance."

Pictures taken by the bishop taken during his visit reveal the scale of the need, with inadequate shelter and food supplies, and schools stripped of their desks and chairs for use as fuel.

The UN estimates the number of displaced people in North Kivu at 320,000. They have been driven from their homes by looting and brutal attacks on their communities. There are reports of widespread killings, rape, and child recruitment.

The pictures were sent to Anglican Alliance, which is calling for more support for the displaced people.

The organisation launched an appeal on behalf of the Diocese of Bukavu last month to provide hundreds of families with emergency food supplies.