Compassion International says over 122,000 children and adults came to Christ through its work last year

Munk is a victim of bride abduction now being supported by Compassion(Photo: Compassion International)

Compassion International inspired 122,588 children and adults to come to Christ in the past year, according to its annual report for 2013-2014.

The Christian non-profit organisation disclosed that in the past year, it partnered with 6,514 churches in developing countries to further spread the ministry of compassion and love with communities.

According to the report, nearly 1.5 million children, babies, mothers and students benefitted from their programmes and 1.4 million benefitted from its child sponsorship programme, while 29,084 individuals were served by child survival programme in which mothers and babies are given medical care and nutritional support.

Hmong children are educated by Compassion at the local church(Photo: Compassion International)

The leadership development programme, which helps promising students receive college education and Christian training, was able to send 3,077 bright young minds to learning institutions in various parts of the world.

The organisation also reported that it is also on its way to completing 30 earthquake-resistant school buildings in Haiti five years after the quake that devastated the country.

Compassion President and CEO Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado expressed his gratitude to the partners who have catapulted the organisation's programmes to success.

"It has been a great joy to serve Compassion this past year. After this first full year as president, I have an increased appreciation for just how much God is going before us each day in ways that we don't even know. The ministry is flourishing, and God's blessings are so apparent," he said.

"As I look back over our last year, a strong theme keeps coming to mind. In Matthew 3:3, we are reminded of Isaiah's powerful words: 'Prepare the way for the Lord.' I believe that is what God is calling Compassion and you, our faithful partners, to accomplish together. We are preparing the way for children to overcome poverty, thrive, and live for Jesus. And we are preparing the way for the future — so that more children can be released from poverty than ever before."