Colorado 10-year-old fourth-graders busted for selling marijuana at school

Boy made $11 before being caught.


Four 10-year-old Monfort Elementary School students are suspended after buying and selling marijuana at school this week

On Monday, one 10-year old stole the pot from his grandparent, and sold it to three other students on the school's playground. The boy made $11 from the drug deal.

The next day, one of the buyers brought cannabis food to school with the intention of trading it for the dried plant. The seller tasted the marijuana-laced food, but suffered no ill effects.

A student told school officials about the illegal activity, prompting Principal Jennifer Sheldon to notify the Greeley Police Department. Principal Sheldon also sent a letter to parents asking them to keep their drugs away from children.

"We urge all parents, grandparents and and anyone who cares for children to treat marijuana as you would prescription drugs, alcohol or even firearms," Sheldon wrote. "This drug is potentially lethal to children, and should always be kept under lock and key, away from young people."

Greeley-Evans School District 6 Safety and Security Director John Gates blamed the grandparents more than the students in the unfortunate situation.

"This could not have happened had they secured their marijuana," he told ABC News. As of January 1, adults 21 and over can legally buy marijuana in Colorado. "Nothing good's going to come from having 10-year-olds find it, use it or take it to school."

Gina Carbone, founder of citizen watchdog organization Smart Colorado, blamed society in general for advocating marijuana use, and making it more attractive to children.

"Pot is celebrated and glorified and promoted," she told the Associated Press. "Kids are watching adults and this is the way adults are behaving. Here we have fourth-graders trying to make a buck off marijuana."

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