CofE calls for 'inclusive' education

The Church of England is calling for education based on "equality rather than privilege".

Churches will be using Education Sunday on 27 January to pray and work towards an education system that includes those who may be overlooked.

The Church has written a prayer for Education Sunday which says that education should be "devoted to justice rather than self-seeking".

It wants to see this cause supported not only by successful schools but also flourishing students.

The Rev Jan Ainsworth, the CofE's Chief Education Officer, said: "In Church schools we try and make inclusivity the heart of our message, underpinned by our Christian values.

"But Education Sunday reminds us that it is a challenge for everyone linked with the education world.

"We need each other and flourish much better with support. I would urge everyone to take five minutes this Sunday to think how they can include an outsider."

The call reflects the theme of this year's Education Sunday, 'Believing and Belonging'.

Resources have been put together by Churches Together in England. They emphasize the importance of community and quote Martin Luther King Jr, who said: "Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you've depended on more than half the world."

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