Coalition will last, says Christian Conservative MP

The head of the Conservative Christian Fellowship says the coalition Government will last to the end of its five year term.

In an interview with Evangelicals Now, David Burrowes said Prime Minister David Cameron had the “required skills to navigate through the uncharted waters of coalition government”.

“The coalition agreement is not a mishmash of two sets of policies, but has at its foundation solid agreed principles of freedom, fairness and responsibility,” he said.

“The agreed focus on cutting the deficit early also provides confidence that the coalition will last the five year fixed term.”
He spoke positively of the increase in the number of Christian MPs and the role they could play in restoring the public’s trust in Parliament.

“It is greatly encouraging to see more men and women who are serious about their faith and calling to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords,” he said.

“A Christian MP can and should be distinctive whatever the type of government or politics. Christian MPs often have good relationships with Christian MPs from other political parties and are therefore well placed to work with colleagues across the political divide.”

“There is a great need to restore the public’s trust in Parliament and Christian MPs can take a lead in speaking and acting with truth, honesty and integrity.”

He asked Christians to pray for the Government as it makes difficult decisions to cut the financial deficit and seek to restore public trust in Parliament.

He also asked that Christians pray for the Coalition Government to have a “good understanding and respect for the Christian community”, and for Andrew Stunnell, the Liberal Democrat MP and Christian responsible for faith issues.

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