CM Punk returning to WWE latest news, rumors? Samoa Joe believes Punk will return to wrestling

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No matter how many times he reveals his hatred on the WWE, many believe that CM Punk will someday return to the wrestling ring. And one of them is a close friend, Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe, who could be making his WWE debut by next month, has long been associated with TNA Wrestling. Of course, his most glaring achievement over at TNA was his undefeated streak that lasted for eighteen months. That streak was ended at Genesis when he gave in to Kurt Angle's famous finisher, the Angle ankle lock.

Joe believes that deep inside, Punk would want to wrestle once more. But with a tainted relationship with the WWE right now, that is unlikely to happen any time soon. The case would have been different if the though could perhaps popped up in other wrestling entertainment events like maybe Ring of Honor.

Punk, it will be recalled, left the WWE due to irreparable differences. He has since moved on to the UFC circuit and is no in serious training as he prepares for his UFC debut. No date has been announced for now on when Punk would make his UFC debut.

And with that said, their age could be a factor. If ever a Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk match would materialize, it may not necessarily be as competitive due to the age factor. Aside from that, there is no telling how long Joe would be with the WWE, assuming he does make his debut next month at WWE NXT.

Punk left the WWE claiming that the company totally disregarded his health. He claims he was forced to compete in matches, one where he was reportedly forced to compete despite having a staph infection that had been left untreated.

The WWE of course shot down those claims and the rest is as what most fans know now.

So given those facts, does a Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk seem likely? Perhaps but not in the WWE – at least for now.