Cleveland Cavaliers NBA 2015 news, rumors: Is Kevin Love really needed by the Cavs?

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Many believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers were done for when Kevin Love went down with a dislocated shoulder during the team's first-round match-up with the Boston Celtics. The Cavs did make adjustments and it looks like David Blatt and the coaching staff were able to do the necessary tweaks.

Add to the fact that Lebron James and Kyrie Irving are also hurting and yet are playing less than 100%. So how are the Cavs doing it?

After disposing the Celtics in the first round, many believe that they would find the going tough against the Derrick Rose-led Chicago Bulls. But alas, they were able to pull it out despite some tense moments within (remember that controversial scene where James allegedly scratched Blatt's final play in game four?)

It seems that healthy or not, Lebron James has stepped up his game and the rest are following. And right now, the Cavs are enjoying a 2-0 edge over the Atlanta Hawks with no Kevin Love in sight.

Love has of course been the subject of criticism since he seemed to have struggled co-existing with Irving and James. And that leads many to ask, do the Cavs really need Love?

Love is by no means a player any team would want to have. He wanted to be in the playoffs and that was accomplished until that unfortunate shoulder injury. So would it be fulfilling if the Cavs went all the way to win the title without his help.

A player of his capacity may very well consider it half-heartedly. With no effort, being part of a champion team and not sweating for it due to injury may not necessarily be something he wants. So what happens after this season? Will he stay or jump ship?

Love is another free agent many will be trying to lure once the current NBA season ends and like last year, Love has been silent on his plans.

Teams like Boston (Celtics) and Los Angeles (Lakers) will be making pitches but there is nothing clear right now on whether Love is interested.

The Cavs could opt to retain him but it may all depend on how their campaign ends up, not to mention the available talent in the NBA free agent market this coming July.